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Stir-Fried Chinese Broccoli

Today, we stir-fried two vegetables that were just harvested from a local farm. First, we introduced our coop members to Chinese Broccoli, aka gai lan, a popular Asian vegetable. We prepared it with a delightful ginger sauce.

We also prepared stir-fried romaine lettuce with garlic.

Here are the recipes.


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Fried Rice and Lettuce

Today, we prepared fried rice and served it wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves.

Here are the recipes.

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Cantaloupe and Spinach

Today, our Coop organized several demonstrations for children. Strider, our produce manager, asked us to take advantage of a new shipment of cantaloupes from California and baby spinach from our neighboring town of Farmington. Kathy, our grocery manager, asked us to use a soy milk product on promotion.

To combine the various themes, we prepared three kid-drawing dishes:

image the cantaloupe into a refreshing drink

the spinach into a creamed sauce, and the soy milk into a honeydew smoothie. Kids and grown-ups relished the results.

Here are the Horchata de Melon, Pasta With Creamed Spinach, and Honeydew Smoothie recipes.

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