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Sweet Potato

sweet.potato Today, we prepared sweet potato Japanese-style in soy sauce and mirin, a sweet rice cooking wine. For color, we used two kinds of sweet potato – a yellow variety that looked like potatoes, and an orange variety that looked like carrots.

Here is the recipe.


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Tim and Mary Indian Party

We prepared an Indian dinner with Tim’s and Mary’s family to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. The centerpieces were Chicken Tikka Masala, a tomato-based curry, and Andi’s Chicken Curry, the classic yellow curry with carrots and potatoes.

We also prepared Lentils With Garlic Butter, Cauliflower Fritters, Whole Eggs In Tangy Tomato Sauce, Plain Steamed Basmati Rice, and Yoghurt Sauce.

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Persimmon and Pomegranate

Today, we worked with two unusual ingredients –

hachiya persimmons which we prepared in a steamed pudding, persimmon
pomegranate and pomegranate which we prepared in a soup.

Here are the recipes.

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Cranberry, Potato, and Carrot

Today, continuing with ideas for Thanksgiving, we prepared cranberry sauce, both classical and garlic mashed potatoes, and glazed carrots. cranberry

Here are the recipes.

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Cauliflower and Squash

Today, to provide ideas for Thanksgiving, we prepared two cauliflower dishes and one squash dish.

The first cauliflower dish was prepared Indian-style with homemade curry spices.

The second cauliflower dish was prepared Roman-style with the combined flavors of garlic, lemon, and olive oil.

Finally, the squash dish was prepared French-style with glazed squash and gently cooked onions.


Here are the recipes.

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