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Chestnut Soup and Fruit Salad

To celebrate the holiday season, we prepared a comforting chestnut soup and a festive fruit salad.

fruit.salad We cut fruit wedges from a variety of citrus fruits…
fruit.salad …and combined them with cherries, kiwi, pomegranate seeds, and slivered almonds into a colorful fruit salad.

Here is the recipe.

…Then, with the help of some friends, we embarked on the laborious task of peeling rare American chestnuts grown in the Frame farm nearby… chestnut.soup.prep
… and prepared a hearty chestnut soup.Here is the recipe. chestnut.soup

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Today, we stir-fried vegetables and chicken.

First, we prepared bell peppers, lightly seasoned with salt and sugar, bell.peppers
then, spinach with garlic, spinach.garlic
and finally, a medley of vegetables with chicken.  

Here are the recipes.

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The Key Cooking Class

We are conducting cooking classes in our town with aspiring young cooks. The classes are sponsored by the Union of Youth, a youth-led organization in Northfield and held at the Emmaus Church kitchen.

Class 1: Eggs. We cooked hard-cooked (not hard-boiled) eggs and an egg omelet with sweet peppers and onions. Here are the recipes.

Class 2: Meat and Potatoes. We cooked mashed potatoes with garlic and pork chops in a brown cream sauce. Here are the recipes.

Class 3: Pasta. We made pasta from flour and eggs and served it with Alfredo sauce. Here are the recipes.

Class 4: Stir-Fry. We discussed the principles of stir-frying and analyzed the construction of a wok. Then, we cooked chicken and a variety of vegetables in a lightly thickened soy sauce. Here are the recipes.

Class 5: Cookies. To celebrate the holidays, we made three types of cookies: shortbread cookies called Viennese Crescents, spice cookies called Marcus’s Ginger Citrus Cookies, and oatmeal cookies called Ultimate Oatmeal Chocolate Chippers. Here are the recipes.

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sweet.potato Today, we deep-fried several vegetables with chickpea flour batter.

Here is the recipe.

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