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Thai Eggplant, Red Peppers, and Meatballs

Today, we prepared three dishes.

eggplant First, we prepared Thai Eggplant with a spicy green curry sauce and coconut milk.
peppers Next, we stewed a colorful assortment of sweet peppers in a classical Italian dish called  Peperonata.
meatballs Finally, we prepared Polpete, Italian meatballs, with a combination of ground pork and beef, flavored with parmesan cheese.

Here are the recipes.


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Thai Curries

Today, Khun Sunee treated our Co-op members and friends with a green Thai curry with eggplants and mushrooms and a red Thai curry with tofu, mushrooms and peanut sauce. She toned down the pungent spices to appeal to our audience, but the dishes still received a very warm reception. The curries were served with steamed jasmine rice.

Sunee Tong

Sweet pumpkin rice cakes complimented the curries. Thank you, Khun Sunee and Tong!

rice cake

Here are the recipes.

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Tom Yum Soup and Other Thai Classics

Today, we had a guest cook, Khun Sunee, who is a visiting scholar at St. Olaf College and a culinary teacher in her native Thailand. She was assisted by Tong, a St. Olaf student from Thailand.

In such capable hands, we produced three dishes that can constitute a complete meal. For starters, we served Tom Yum Tofu Soup, a sour and pungent soup with tofu and mushrooms. For the main course, we had Pad Thai, a stir-fry rice noodle dish. Finally, for dessert, we offered Kluay Buat Chee, or banana in a sweet coconut syrup.

Here are the recipes.

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