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A Community-based Commercial Kitchen Model

The Women’s Foundation of California is setting up La Cucina, a commercial kitchen to help underprivileged women build a sustainable food business. In addition to a cooking facility, the project also provides technical assistance and marketing support. Based on the donor list, I estimate that the project has raised $1-$1.5 million. Thank you, Theresa, for the reference.

Here is the project description and a story on National Public Radio (part of Hidden Kitchens, a series of stories on how communities come together through food).


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Julia’s Kitchen at the Smithsonian

I just discovered an exhibit of Julia Child’s famous kitchen at the Smithsonian. Be inspired!

I discovered Julia when I first arrived in America in 1980 as a student. I lived in Boston and watched her shows in WGBH, the local public TV station. Her shows were very entertaining but I regret that I did not pay close attention to them. I was teaching myself how to cook so that I could continue enjoying home cooked meals that I was accustomed to when I lived in my native home, the Philippines.

Over the years, I have paid closer attention to Julia’s lessons and have become a better cook for it. Now, whenever I make French scrambled eggs cooked slowly over a little butter, I thank Julia.

Julia’s books and TV shows are great fun. I am now reading/studying/cooking with her first major work,  Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume One. Julia and her two French co-authors labored over a dozen years to write the book that was finally published in 1961. I have the 40th Anniversary edition and it is a sheer delight.

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Welcome Friends

This journal records my culinary adventures. I hope to keep it up-to-date for the benefit of all aspiring cooks like myself and for the people who delight in our efforts.

Thank you to Sean Hayford O’Leary for setting up this site and teaching me how to use it effectively. Thank you to Alyssa and Andi for being my willing test subjects.

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