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Cooking Ethiopian at The Key

Today, we cooked classical dishes from Ethiopia. The Twin Cities is home to a vibrant Ethiopian community. It was not surprising when the teens at The Key were interested in this unfamiliar cuisine.

We started by making two basic preparations that are used for many other dishes: Berberé  (Red Pepper Paste) and Nit’ir Qibe (Spiced Clarified Butter). We used Berberé to make Doro Wat (Ethiopian Chicken Stew in Red Pepper Sauce) and Nit’ir Qibe to make Yataklete Kilkil (Ethiopian Gingered Vegetable Stew).

We served the dishes with Injera which I bought from a Middle Eastern grocery store.

Berberé is used in: Ingudai W’et (Mushrooms with Green Split Peas)

Nit’ir Qibe is used in:  Yemisir Alich’a (Red Lentil Stew)


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Comfort food on a Saturday morning. Made with cream and butter.

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