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Salmon Tortellini and Cornmeal Pizza

Phil, our co-op’s new general manager, asked us to use some of the packaged goods promotional items in our demonstration. In response, we selected frozen vegetables (properly thawed) for three dishes.

seafood.tortellini First, we used frozen sweet peas in a salmon tortellini with a lemon cream sauce. We used egg roll wrappers for the pasta covering. Here is the recipe. Then, we sautéed frozen spinach with caramelized garlic and red pepper flakes and used the mixture as topping for a cornmeal-crusted pizza with feta cheese. Finally, we sautéed frozen squash purée with caramelized onions and used the mixture as topping for a cornmeal-crusted pizza with feta cheese. Here are the pizza recipes.

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Today, we started a series on Mexican cuisine by using two of the most famous Mexican ingredients – corn and chile peppers. Corn was prepared into the ubiquitous tortilla and the peppers into salsa (sauce). Señora Carmen, my friends’ mother who is visiting from Mexico, showed us how to make tortillas by hand.

Senora Carmen

The tortillas were topped with red salsa and green salsa to make memelas, which resemble miniature pizzas. The tortillas were also folded with cheese to make quesadillas.

Here are the recipes.

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Scalloped Potatoes with Milk, Cheese, and Garlic (Gratin Dauphinois )

A short while ago, I met a friend in a store. When I learned that she just bought a box of scalloped potatoes for her family, I volunteered to give her a recipe for this dish that did not include preservatives and artificial flavors that the box version contained. My friend confessed that she was not a good cook but I assured her that I was going to draw the recipe so that she could follow it.

Here’s the recipe, in drawing form. I hope that you can take a look at it and let me know if it is easy to follow.

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