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The Minnesota winter is a time to savor fruits from a warmer climate. Here’s to the papaya.


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Chestnut Soup and Fruit Salad

To celebrate the holiday season, we prepared a comforting chestnut soup and a festive fruit salad.

fruit.salad We cut fruit wedges from a variety of citrus fruits…
fruit.salad …and combined them with cherries, kiwi, pomegranate seeds, and slivered almonds into a colorful fruit salad.

Here is the recipe.

…Then, with the help of some friends, we embarked on the laborious task of peeling rare American chestnuts grown in the Frame farm nearby… chestnut.soup.prep
… and prepared a hearty chestnut soup.Here is the recipe. chestnut.soup

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Cantaloupe and Spinach

Today, our Coop organized several demonstrations for children. Strider, our produce manager, asked us to take advantage of a new shipment of cantaloupes from California and baby spinach from our neighboring town of Farmington. Kathy, our grocery manager, asked us to use a soy milk product on promotion.

To combine the various themes, we prepared three kid-drawing dishes:

image the cantaloupe into a refreshing drink

the spinach into a creamed sauce, and the soy milk into a honeydew smoothie. Kids and grown-ups relished the results.

Here are the Horchata de Melon, Pasta With Creamed Spinach, and Honeydew Smoothie recipes.

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Andi’s Chicken Curry and Other Yogurt Delights

andi's curry

Today, we prepared yogurt, an ancient food product, in three different ways — with a vegetable (spinach), with a fruit (bananas), and finally, with a meat (chicken). We used Nancy’s Organic Yogurt, which is made up only of milk and fermenting bacteria (no sugar, starch, or artificial anything).

For the first dish, we blanched spinach and dressed it with yogurt spiced with freshly roasted and ground cumin and coriander. For the next dish, we incorporated ripe red bananas from Chile with blanched almonds and raisins in yogurt sweetened with honey and accented with freshly ground nutmeg. For the penultimate dish, we prepared Andi’s chicken curry with fresh free-range chicken, deboned and wrapped in a golden sauce from a home-made mixture of spices and accompanied by yukon gold potatoes and green top carrots.

Here are the recipes.

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Today, we had lots of fun making a variety of cold fruit drinks called smoothies. We pureed banana, fruits, and juice into a slushy mixture bursting with natural flavor. By using frozen fruits, we managed to enjoy out-of-season fruits like blackberries, save time, and skip using ice (which dilutes the flavor of the drink and requires extra sweeteners). We also juiced oranges and tangerines to maximize freshness, flavor, and nutrition.

Here are the recipes.

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